Please be aware that this is a service offered by Cintilante and not by Google™, Google Earth™ or any subsidury company.

logo_peq.png Three dimensional models of buildings, optimized for Google Earth™:

  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Shopping / Malls /Restaurants
  • Offices /Industries
  • Particular houses
  • Monuments
  • Sport resorts
  • Houses for sale / real estate

All our models are elaborated from photographs and optimized to be seen on Google Earth™.


logo_peq.png Creation of *.kmz/*.kml files with personalized information:

The capability of kml/kmz allow us to create a true geo-referenced website with connection to Google Earth: placemarks, polygons, paths, Image Overlay, panoramic photos.

Some examples:

logo_peq.png Contact us for more detailed information and prices.

 Google™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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