January 15, 2008

Cintilante create 3D solutions for commercial or private clients who wish to see their business highlight on Google Earth™.

There are many reasons to get a 3-Dimensional model of your building. First, you can get a greater presence on Google Earth™, the biggest 3D map service on the net, with all the benefits it can bring to your business:

  • Location and presentation of building architecture and surrounding environment on business sectors where the clients search for superb architecture. For example: hotels, resorts, touristic country houses, malls;
  • Presentation of architectural heritage, monuments and public building by municipalities, thematic resorts, sports clubs, etc, to show to everyone around the world historical landmarks and help to decide the places to visit;
  • Links to industries, offices and other business websites;
  • Help real estate agents to show their properties without leaving the office;
  • Or simply to show your new house to everyone;

Look at “Services” and “Portfolio” to see some examples of solutions developed by us.

Please be aware that this is a service offered by Cintilante and not by Google™, Google Earth™ or any subsidury company. Google™ is a trademark of Google Inc.